K's Special Twist

Last time we talked about K’s and this time around we’re going to talk about the meals! We get a lot of questions revolving around this topic, so hopefully this will give you some answers, and maybe even some more questions. Which is good! Always reach out if you have any questions or we can clarify anything for you. We love hearing from our #KsFoodies and we’re always trying to improve, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Now let’s get cooking, some of you may not know, but our menu changes monthly. We’re always looking to improve and provide the highest quality of meals. For us, this means providing a variety of options to choose from. I think now might be the best place to mention this, so if you think you have a meal idea that we’d love, reach out! In the near future, we are going to work on incorporating the community a lot more.

That being said, how do we come up with our menu? Well, the best place to start is with what we already know. A lot of our menu items are classic meals with a healthy twist. This can be said for everyone, but there have always been meals in our lives that hold a place near and dear to our heart. Whether it’s a favorite recipe from around the holidays, something you had growing up, or even a treat you’ve used as a small reward.  Food has the power to not only bring people together, but remind us of all the joy in life.

 What we’ve done is take these recipes and substituted some of the ingredients (but none of the flavor) to provide healthy options. Let’s look at one of our menu options as an example. This month, we have the tatchos supreme a pretty classic dish that can sometimes get out of hand when you start loading them up… we’ve all been there and boy does it taste amazing. However, the feeling afterwards… yikes. Well, if we start looking at what can be changed we have ourselves the beginning of a healthy meal.  Therefore, we swapped out the tater tots for some homemade zucchini tots, ground beef for ground turkey, bacon for turkey bacon, and a delicious homemade salsa. All of that creates a great tasting meal with only 364 calories and 34 grams of protein. Not only does it taste great, you’ll be full, and you’ll feel great. A few changes can create a world of difference.

We offer healthy, great tasting food, so YOU can feel great, and have that extra time to enjoy all the things that are important to you.  However, we also want to share as much as we can to help others pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Next time you’re in the kitchen, take a moment and think is there something in this recipe that could be healthier? Maybe it’s a choice of sauce, protein, or even how something is prepared.

Otherwise, we’re here to support you on your journey. If you want to save time, live healthier, and save all the flavors check out our menu! For now, we’ll call it a wrap. Be sure to check back in for the next K’s Table Talk!

What's Cooking?

Let’s kick things off with a bit of an introduction! As many of you already know, a lot has been going on with K’s Clean Eats and Treats(K’s). Expanding into a new location, launching a new website, developing new partnerships, and adding more drop off locations… just to name a few.

Well, I thought let’s we’d add another thing into the mix by launching a blog! There are so many amazing people supporting me on this journey, and I thought this would be a great way for everyone to get some additional insight to what goes into creating our meals and help develop our community!

With all that being said, this first post is going to talk about K’s. Based in Evansville, WI, and founded by me, Kate! I started this company because I wanted to share my passion of food with as many people as possible. One thing I’ve noticed is that we live in a busy world and finding time to pursue what we love can be hard. I found myself asking what can I do differently? Next thing I know I’m starting my own business to help others pursue what they love to do while chasing my dreams along the way!

How though? By providing healthy meals, that save you time! Cooking is my passion, but it is definitely time consuming. You need to go to the store, prepare the meal, cook the meal, and then, everyone’s least favorite part, clean-up... Balancing a busy life, and finding time for all the things we love to do is HARD!

That’s were K’s comes in! We make, perfectly portioned, fresh prepared meals, and bring them to you! All of our meals are made on the same day and guaranteed fresh for the week. We’ve partnered with local farms and butcher shops to provide the highest quality ingredients while supporting our local community. Below you can find a list of some of the businesses we’ve partnered with:

  • Pinnon Premier Meats

  • Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse

  • River Bottom Acres

  • Raleigh's Hillside Farm, LLC

  • Schumacres, LLC

We’ve taken this one step further, and have continuously worked to develop partnerships with businesses and have created a group, that we hold near and dear, that let us drop off meals at their location(s) at no cost to you! Working together, we’re hoping to bring you some exciting things in the near future!  Below you can find an ever growing list of the businesses we’re excited to partner with:  

  • Premier Tennis & Fitness in Janesville

  • Rejuvenate & Escape Day Spa in Janesville WI

  • Once Upon a Blossom in Edgerton, WI

  • Sara’s Health & Fitness in Edgerton WI

  • 3D Nutrition on Odana Rd in Madison

  • Suppz on Eagan Rd in Madison

  • Animal House Gym in Milwaukee

  • Royal Figures Nutrition and Training in Milwaukee

So why do we work with all these businesses? Well it’s simple, food brings people together around the world, and I want to be a part of that. That’s why one thing I’ve set out to do from the beginning is to create a community.

Let’s switch gears a little, I’ve talked a lot about these “meals” but what are they exactly? It can be anything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts! You can subscribe or order a la carte, whatever works best for your needs and busy life. As for the menu itself, it’s always changing so you’ll have to check it out yourself, but you can be sure that everything is delicious! However, there is one thing I can tell you about the menu… ALL ORDERS ARE DUE BY THURSDAY AT 10:00 PM. This allows me to make everything fresh and ready for the next week.

Wow! That’s a lot about where we’ve been and what we’re doing, but what’s next? You’ll find some highlights below. I can’t give too much away though…

  • We’re working on opening the new kitchen, but in a big way…

  • Rolling out customized meal plans to meet specific needs

  • New partnerships with some exciting events

With that we’ll call it a wrap. Be sure to check back in for the next K’s Table Talk!